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Edith Calvo

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College and University Requirements

In order to attend a four year college or university right out of high school, you must follow the A-G eligiblity courses. You must also receive a minimum "C" grade or you have to take the course over.  You must take:

A. English (4 years)

B. History (2 1/2 years)

C. Mathematics (3 Years - Algebra I & II, and Geometry)

D. Lab Science (2 years - Physical and Biological)

E. Foreign Language (2 years of the same language)

F. Fine Arts (1 year)

G. College Prep Electives


Fee waivers for the SAT and ACT are available for those that are on free or reduced lunch.  I distribute them 6th period, after school or during first lunch in my office. Come see me!


Juniors:  PSAT/NMSQT fee waivers are available in my office for the October 10th test.  Come see me to get the fees waived.  If you do not qualify, please register at the student store for only $16.