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Jeff Schultz


Greeting students and Parents, and welcome class of 2020, I am the 9th grade counselor.  I will be assisting each 9th grade student on the journey toward graduation, and hopefully to a successful college experience or to a career that will be meaningful.  Parents, your students are extremely important to me because they only get one high school experience.  I want them to enjoy their time at Ontario, grow as a person and value learning as well as hard work and the educational process.  I encourage you and your student to begin a file for success.   I will provide your students with a basic 4 year plan as a template so you and your student can track their progress together.  Please know that I have worked hard to have your student enrolled in the MINIMUM courses to meet A-G.  If your student is an English Language Learner, they have also been placed in a math or English support class.  

If your student fails an academic course, or received a D and needs to remediate the grade in order to meet A-G requirements, I will be meeting with them soon to devise a plan.  Please sign and return all forms that I send home with your student during these meetings and return them to me as soon as possible.  

The following are some tips or strategies to help you support your child's education.  

School Loop - School Loop is a great tool to monitor your student's daily progress in class as well as view their attendance.  It is very important to establish communication between the teachers and yourself.  If you have questions regarding the progress in a class, please email the teachers.  If you have difficulty contacting them, let me know.  School Loop emails you daily with updates, but remember that teachers may not upgrade grades daily. - What a great research tool for college and career exploration!!  All students will create an account this year, and if you have signed the consent form you will have access to their electronic four year plan. One reason we partnered with this organization is the ease of applying for California State Universities.  Your student will apply to colleges at the beginning of their Senior year, and I will share more information regarding the college application process as we get closer to that time.  

Websites - In my "Locker", you will find a link to websites that you may enjoy looking through.  We update them yearly, but some are no longer active.  If you find one, just email me to let me know and I will remove it.

Career Center - The Career Center is a great resource for researching careers and colleges.  Ms. Alanis posts all scholarships opportunities and college visitations on School Loop.

Resources Tab - Under the Resources Tab at the top of this screen, you will find College information, Community resources, and more Parent resources at your disposal.  Should you have any questions, please let me know!

I look forward to collaborating with you and your child!  Graduation is just around the corner...  

Mr. Schultz

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