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Parental Involvement

The Student Support Team at Ontario High School understands that parent/guardian involvement is the key to communication between  home, school and community.  Parents are invited to volunteer their time  as representatives on the Parent, Teacher, English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) and School Site Council (SSC).  We would love to see you at Coffee with the Principal as well!  

Natalie McMinn

Class of 2021

Welcome to Ontario High School, Home of the Jaguars!  


As your counselor, I am here to guide you through the next four years as you prepare for the world of college and career.  I am excited to begin this journey with you, and look forward to your many successes.  The key to success is hard work, preparation and dedication. OHS offers a great support system, and I know you will take advantage of all the opportunities available.  


High school is a brand new experience, and I want to make sure you are aware of the resources available to you for your success.  Tutoring is offered before and after school M-Th in most subjects.    RISE is a program that occurs every other Saturday and allows students the opportunity to make up assignments if they have been absent. Your teachers have more information on both programs, but if you need a schedule, you can find them in my locker.    


My office is located in the main office, and Mrs. Leal is my Guidance Tech.  If you would like to speak with me, please check in with Mrs. Leal and she will assist you.  You may also send me a message through School Loop.   The Career Center is located in the library, and Mrs. Arzola is there to assist you with any career or college research questions you may have.


Some things to remember:

     1. Attend classes daily and on time.  

     2. Be organized!  Make sure your backpack is clean and your folder is divided into the different subjects you have.  

     3. Do your homework.  If you do not understand the work, ask questions!

     4. Attend tutoring and RISE when needed.  Communicate with your teachers!!


I will be meeting with each of you throughout the school year, and look forward to preparing a four year plan to meet both graduation and A-G requirements.  Best of luck to all of you!

Mrs. McMinn 

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Two Way Communication

Creating a positive relationship between students and teachers is a critical component for success. If you have concerns regarding a particular class or teacher, please contact them through School Loop or leave a message for them on their voicemail.  If you still have concerns, feel free to contact me through School Loop.  You may also contact me at 988-7411 ext. 2040 or email me at  I will return your phone call or email within 24 hours.  

Another great communication tool is to have your student talk directly to their teachers, or to come see me before or after school.  If I am not in the office, check in with Mrs. Leal and she can assist them.

Contact Me
Natalie McMinn (909) 988-7411 ex: 2040 Guidance Counselor

Vision Statement

All students will graduate College and Career ready.