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Guidance Office

Guidance Counselors

Name Grade Level Extension Email Address
Cynthia Panduro Freshman - 9th Grade Ext 2055
Edith Calvo Sophomores - 10th Grade Ext 2054
Natalie McMinn Juniors - 11th Grade Ext 2040
Jennifer Munoz Seniors - 12th Grade Ext 2045
Tanya Berumen Special Ed/Interventions Ext 2046

Guidance Technicians

Carol Leal 11th & 12th Grade Ext 2053
Cory Villagomez 9th & 10th Grade Ext 2051
Krystal Enriquez Special Ed./Interventions Ext 2050

Guidance Office Links

letter of recommendation request

If you need a letter of recommendation from your counselor; please read the attached documents. In order for us to write a stellar recommendation for you we need all form completed and given to your counselor by the due date. If you have any additional questions please speak with your counselor.

Instructions for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation
Brag Sheet
Student Self-Assessment
Teacher Recommendation Questionnaire